First kind-of real post.

Welcome to my new blog; thanks for stopping in.

This blog is young and in need of attention so stay tuned for updates and feel free to suggest content directions.

Two important announcements:  One, the schedule is changing (see above) and second, the Winter Sale is going strong with everything in stock 25-65% off- all bikes, all wheels, all accessories, everything; older new bikes and equipment are more heavily discounted.  Call for more details.

While most of the site’s pages will be shop oriented, I’m excited about getting a bit off topic or overly topical in the blog.  Life isn’t only about bicycles, after all.  I’m not sure where this blog is going but I plan on discussing many topics that are interesting to me.  I doubt I’ll post too often but you can sign up for RSS if you want to stay on top of it.  I was thinking about keeping comments open (probably with 1st post needing acceptance) and invite discussion and feedback about the posts or other pages though the comments or by email …  The site is currently a work in progress so your feedback about any aspect is appreciated.

See you at the shop.

All my best  -Marcus

Mary Christina

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Yojimbo’s Garage will be closed on my mother’s birthday- December 25th.  

Open regular hours on the eve and day after.

AfterGlow – A Cyclocross Race

Half-Acre Cycling is Hosting ‘AfterGlow’ in Humboldt Park with an after party hosted by West Town Bikes on December 18th.

Current Shop Hours

Sundays: noon-4pm

Mondays: 2pm-7pm

Tuesdays: Closed

Wednesdays: Closed

Thursdays: Closed

Fridays: 2pm-7pm

Saturdays: noon-4pm

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