Onions, Worms and Wheels

How about that weather?

Meanwhile in the shop’s basement, the small garden has been working a bit…

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I wanted to show some friends my onions which were ready for harvest.  I wasn’t sure if these were garlic or onions since they sprouted from my compost, but after digging them up all things were revealed.

Not only were the green onions healthy but the soil was too with redworms thriving in quantities I hadn’t seen in potted plants previously.  Also- the expanding onion roots had started a couple new bulbs (which I’ll replant).

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The shop’s four day schedule is keeping me busy on the professional front.  I’ve been building a lot of wheels and a few bikes as some customers are taking advantage of the sale prices on inventory…  I’m still trying to reduce my overstock and am discounting colored rims more starting this month.

Some models of bikes are available in a range of sizes (Fuji Obey, Duratec T9, Blue TR250, SE Premium Ale, various road bikes, etc) while others are down to one left, such as this Dolan Arc DF3:

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Gratuitous bike video?  Kudos for a bit of cycle-choreography.

(two times, thanks Robyn)

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