Track Pedal Upgrade and Wed Foo

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Clipless pedals can often be upgraded with auxiliary toeclip strap eyelets, allowing you to use toe straps for extra security.  Some choose this method on the track where a “solid feel” and efficient power transfer during sprints is desired.
I’ve upgraded many pedals this way and you’re welcome to consult me on this option.

The velodrome racing season is right around the corner: Northbrook starts sessions in April, racing in May, Kenosha and Indianapolis follow a similar schedule and we should have a new practice track on the South Side by the Summer.
Make sure to check your equipment and perform any needed maintenance before the season starts.

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Upgrade partially done.

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Added plates, from above.

Unfortunately- I don’t have any photos of the pedals with straps attached handy at this moment.

Photo of John’s strapped set up and Jeff’s 105 upgrade

To make up for my poor execution of photography, here’s a nicely shot and edited video from Fly Bikes.  Tres:


  1. Naturally you’ve rounded off the strap clip to perfectly display the njs because you keep it classy like that. I have a pair that can testify to that and though I’m not an njs guy by any means I thank you for making it look so darn nice.

  2. […] an appendix to the previous post- today’s featured photos show the track pedal upgrade in two environments: in use at the […]

  3. Thanks Jeff.
    I’ve updated this post and added more in today’s:

  4. sweeeeeeeeet….

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