1310 N. Clybourn, Chicago, Illinois 60610
(312) 587-0878
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Around the shop, there's only one boss. At first glance you might guess this honor would belong to Marcus... But those who spend time at Yojimbo's Garage know that Gary is The Man. Big Tom- sees everything from his higher vantage points around the shop, but usually from the lower vantage point... From the floor.
The mighty Gary sees everything... Knows everything as well, apparently. He tells us how to do our jobs correctly, how to treat customers, when to feed him. He's even decided to show us up by writing his own advise column. I didn't even know he could type.  

Gary says "Mmeoow. Know all need yourr helpful rrite too mmeo furr wow mew prrrr."

Everyone likes Gary. Don't you want to be his friend? Send him your lovin' today!

  Gary was born 5 August 1997 (exactly one month after I opened the shop). One of my customers took custody of le petit prince shortly after birth and cared for him for two years before making the solo move out to Portland- leaving Gary in my custody until I could find a suitable owner. Yojimbo's Garage happened to be the optimal situation for such a friendly cat who has soooo much love to spread around.
Isn't she sooo cute? That's what everyone says about Gracie- only half a year old and she's used up most of her 9 lives. She's got friends in high places though, and that really helps. She's everyone's favorite. Look at her as she tries to escape through the mail slot. She gets excited every time I replace a roll of toilet paper.
  She's climbed to the highest points in the shop, going places impossible for those with Gary's type of stature. Scaling the 8 foot tall grid wall displays and making 5 foot clear jumps from one display to another- Gracie's bastard father was most likely a monkey. Or maybe a flying squirrel.
Gary and Gracie are like two birds of a feather- or two kitties of a hair ball... Gracie was also born 5 August, but in 2004. She was from a stray litter that was born on Kevin and Karen's back porch. Gary likes us humans, but I realized that we couldn't fill the friendship void that only a little Gracie could do. When I returned from watching Rebecca Much at the Road World Championships last year, Kevin told me that one of the kittens had been returned. Well, not for long... It took a little bit of an adjustment, but Gary and Gracie get along wonderfully (most of the time) and love lots of attention.
And what is that animal emerging from the basement wreckage? No, it's not another monkey-squirrel... No, not a mail order bride. No, it's not my plumber. This is the new addition to the Yojimbo's family. I'll take care of introductions once he actually does something with that wrench. Look for the new specter beginning in February. Gary does a good job crushing the old shipping boxes. I'm sure he didn't realize Gracie was still inside one...
      And of course- you're always welcome to email me (Marcus) or call me at the shop (312.587.0878) with any questions. Thanks!