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  First of all- Where would we be without the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation?

  the xXx Racing- AthletiCo team is Chicagoland's most active team- heavily involved in community building.  
  the Chicagoland Women's Cycling Organization is our area's resource for the better half of racing.  
  Pete's List Online resource of racing clubs, teams and activities in the MidWest.  
  the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook Our home velodrome. Freshly repaved- looking forward to an expanded program for 2005.  
  the Washington Park Velodrome in Kenosha, Wisc. Oldest opperating velodrome in the US. Only 1 hour North of the Windy City, with excellent fields to boot!  
  the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis, Ind. Only a couple of hours outside the city, this is an excellent facility which deserves a supportive community.  
  the Mike Walden Velodrome just North of Detroit is only 200 meters long and has a televised Friday night Madison series during the summer season. Worth the day trip to the far side of Michigan. Make a weekend of it and try the boards on saturday.  
  the National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine, Minn. Fun track! 250 meters, hard wood. Intimate racing environment. Another day tripper.  
  St. Louis? Looks like they're fixing up their their stake.  
  Kansas City? Peoria? Des Moines? Madison? Columbus? Any takers?...  
  Schuermann Architects Our friends from Germany- the foremost authorities on building velodromes WorldWide for three generations.  
  Dale Hughes is our soil's most experienced track builder. He also promotes Detroit's Nas-Track series.  
  USA Cycling, American Bicycle Racingand the American Track Racing Association offer resources for racers and promoters.  
  the Windy City Bike Messenger Association is our local cycle courier association.  
  Speed Channel is a good source for Keirin vids. And if you just want to learn about being a fan- check out the K Gals and Rintarou!  
  Another sport which might not catch on over here...