Pedal Update and Ed Rudolph Warm-up

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photo: Ben Fietz rider: Jeff Perkins track: Ed Rudolph

As an appendix to the previous post– today’s featured photos show the track pedal upgrade in two environments: in use at the track and at home for a closer look.

The first photo is a favorite contribution from Ben (thanks!).  The event is the Keirin and you can see the motorpacer (red motor bike) has just pulled off of the track and onto the apron after bringing the cyclists up to speed; the real action of the race is about to unfold very quickly.  This photo was taken at the Alvoi Cup, a premier weekend of racing at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook.

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photo: Jeff Perkins

Jeff is showing us his Shimano 105 pedal, upgraded also with ceramic bearings, Mikashima Gold Medal toe straps with a Euro-white Lake shoe attached.  More views of Jeff’s pedal & strap set up

As long as I’ve mentioned the velodrome in Northbrook, this is a good time to point out their email list and their facebook page– sign up to be updated on the latest news, for spectators as well as new and experienced racers.


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  2. I really want to copy Jeff’s pedal setup this year. It’s been something I’ve been considering for a while.

  3. I totally dig it. I like them tight and snug for sprints but I recommend to anyone that goes the strap route to run them loose for longer events. I learned the hard way in a 75 lapper at Kenosha that running the strap “sprint-event” tight will cause numbness and stinging. I run the float cleats and view the strap as insurance and they provide way more resistance for pulling. Marcus gave me the plusses and minuses of using a little float in my cleats and I decided to stick with what I got and it’s been great!

  4. I’m with Brean on this one, this really encourages me!

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