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Back At Work and Catching Up

2016 has been an active year at Yojimbo’s Garage and I’m excited for the coming months. First- I’ve been neglecting this blog but foot traffic in the bike shop has been good and I’ve been shipping a lot of happiness.  Assuming I continue to overlook posting here, check the shop’s Facebook page for updates or […]

Fresh Updates; Yearly Edition

Happy New Year! Yeah, that happened since my last post 391 days ago.  But I think I’m getting the hang of this… This last year a few things happened that I didn’t see coming.  I’d like to fill you in on everything but will stay brief here.  Feel free to reach out any time through […]

954 Days…

Helllooooo !! Yes, 954 days without a blog post…  How have you been?  Don’t I wish we had time to catch up right now. I just wanted to mention a few things- Yojimbo’s Garage is still doing great!  I’m keeping the coffee pot hot, started brewing basic tea too.  There is free wi-fi in the […]

It’s January?

After riding around, without gloves, for a couple of days- January is here.  The snow is back to squash any desires to start digging in the garden again… Yojimbo’s Garage is open the next four days, including today, and the 50% off sale is extended until Monday.  After then- the bright yellow sale tags will […]

Not Tidy Enough; New Years Coming

It is Friday and the beginning of my “work week”. The shop is open today 2-7, tomorrow and Sunday 12-4 (I know it’s a holiday) and 2-7 Monday. The half-off sale is going well with a rush expected in the next couple of days. I’m trying to fill out the flickr collections with more photos, […]

2011 Tidy-Up

Another year is about to wrap and I’m finally getting around to some things I’ve been meaning to do all year… To augment the big 50% off sale, I’ve listed a few dozen items on craigslist.  More items will be listed as I have time. I’ve also updated my flickr page with the intention of making […]


Autumn, why do you ride away so quickly? The shop is in full-on sale mode, stop by to take advantage of the deals on everything in stock. Are you aware of today’s cyclocross race by Fish Lake?  Big thanks to Ted for hooking up the local community! Wisconsin has some cross action today, as well. […]

Did I Mention the Sale?

Cleaning up the shop; bunch of bikes need a new home soon. 50% off everything* Equipment…

Big Deal Sale- 50% off everything in stock*

‎The Big Deal Sale starts…  yesterday.  50% off all bikes, frames (*except a few Pakes I just ordered), parts and accessories in stock. Seriously- I have too much inventory, lots of bikes, rims, miscellaney…  Come on by regular shop hours, call 312.587.0878 or email

Welcome Back

It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post. Sorry. If you’re a “facebook friend” you’ve seen the updates; if you’ve visited my flickr account, you’re aware of some customers smiles and other happenings… It’s now November, there has been headway getting rid of excess inventory, but I still have a good amount that […]

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